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Hello friends. The magnificent Pigwash Entertainment founded in September 2015 by Robbie Gibbon and Jordan Murray, have been delivering their own bold, wondrous signature brand of comedy to delight your senses. Here is a collection of some of our work:

Online Content

We have been producing content since 2015 and have slowly been building up an online following.

Our online content serves as a platform for sharing an amusing look at current events, poking fun at celebrated figures and well-known brands. With our memes and comedy sketches, we have the potential to spread ideas for discussion through comedy across our vast audience. Keeping our socials fresh by posting numerous times a day also helps engage our audience and they feel involved when we inform them of our releases be it shorts or comedy awards in festivals around the world.

Socials Fun Facts:

Our audience across all socials are fully organic. We have not paid for any promotion to gain followers or likes which means our followers genuinely want to see what we create.

At time of writing, our most viewed Instagram reel audience reach stands at 34,384,398

We have 59,700 followers across our social channels.

Pigwash Projects

Beyond Brilliant

Animated Sitcom

Beyond Brilliant is a mad-cap, animated comedy adventure that follows a crime-fighting animal duo who must defend their harmonious animal town from the humans who don’t believe in happiness. ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ meets ‘Wacky Races’ would be a fair approximation of the tone of this series set in the beautiful Puddleton City, a city whose residents remain living proof that positive working together will always overcome negative division.

Series Treatment can be downloaded here
Pilot Script can be downloaded here

Such is Life

Gully’s Unexpected Travels

Animated Feature Film

Meet Gully, a teenage ladybug yearning for adventure beyond her mundane life in the Amazon Rainforest town of Bugindon. Despite her family’s concerns, Gully’s determination leads her to pursue her dream of joining the revered Flutter-by Squadron. However, her small stature proves to be a challenge and after a failed attempt at acceptance, Gully finds herself plummeting into the depths of the forest floor, discovering a hidden world called Illumiput inhabited by glow worms.

Here, she befriends two glow worms, Snaggle and Tooth, and learns of a feud with the neighboring Arachnidingnag. United with her new friends, Gully embarks on a journey to rescue the kidnapped leader of Illumiput, only to realize that the supposed enemy, the Arachnidingnags, are not what they seem. Together, they bridge the gap between their nations, teaching acceptance and unity.

As Gully returns home, she inspires her town to overcome fear and prejudice, bringing Bugindon, Illumiput, and Arachnidingnag together. Through Gully’s unexpected travels, the story imparts a powerful message of bravery, understanding, and the importance of embracing diversity.

Feature Treatment can be found here
Feature Script can be downloaded here


Live-Action Sitcom

Two brothers, down on their luck due to the economic misfortunes of Brexit, find themselves living out of a campervan. One lay-about the other with delusions of grandeur, kick-off a hair-brained scheme of starting their own male escort agency. With no money and very few calls coming in, tensions remain high and put the pressure on the very few opportunities they receive. A cluelessly naive take on ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ through the eyes of a pair that are much more ‘Only Fools and Horses’, the brothers somehow find themselves on outrageously wild, not to mention taboo evenings, accidentally rubbing shoulders with the town’s elites.

Based on a short film which can be found here


Live-Action Sitcom

In space, no one can hear you scream about how annoying your housemate is. Two roommates at the end of their tether are just about to go their separate ways when they find themselves and their tiny apartment floating aloft and adrift in space. Now, with no hope of escape, they must learn to survive in the cold barren void of eternity, occasionally stumbling across alien regimes hell-bent on universaldomination, but mainly struggling over who’s turn it is to take the bins out. Maybe somewhat ironically, think ‘Spaced’ meets ‘Red Dwarf’ via the heart-warming tone of ‘Steven Universe’ in this surreal but somehow seemingly grounded take on cohabiting through a crisis.

Based on a short film which can be found here

The Hairy Housen

Animated Feature Film

Still overcoming the sudden death of her father, Elisa fights back against local school bullies with the help of her imaginary monster friend, The Hairy Housen. However, as she digs deeper into her anger, she realises that she is becoming a monster herself.

Feature Treatment can be found here

Short Films

We have produced many short films that have been screened at festivals across the world, picking up numerous audience choice awards.

Short Film Scripts

We have too many un-produced short film scripts. Here are some of our favourites:

Move On
Never Give Up